The demand for high-quality, authentic video experiences has skyrocketed as global enterprises seek out new ways to engage with audiences across remote and distributed workforces.

For many organizations without budget team capacity or internal expertise, producing on-brand video content at scale can be challenging. Until now, enterprises lacked the technology to easily create a steady stream of fresh, high-quality video content that’s relevant to their audiences.

To meet this growing need, we’re excited to announce the next-generation Socialive platform, which includes important new functionality such as Dual Recording Technology™, Studio in the Cloud™, Virtual Green Room, Recordings Library and enhanced mobile capabilities.

Socialive enables enterprises to easily create, broadcast and distribute studio-quality content through simplified video creation workflows in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional video production. In fact, customers spend $150 per video with Socialive on average, compared to a minimum of $5,000 per video with traditional video production methods. Socialive also reduces the average time spent on video content creation, broadcasting and distribution by half.

  • Dual Recording Technology™ is an industry first. It brings together the disparate technologies required for live broadcasting and high-quality remote recordings. Now, businesses can produce high-end video for live broadcasts, while simultaneously generating isolated recordings (ISOs) of up to 20 individual guests in perfect 1080p HD quality. This makes it easy to preserve the authenticity of live video for on-demand content, such as snackable clips, increasing overall ROI.
  • Studio in the Cloud™ provides teams of all experience levels the ability to produce high-quality video content without the traditional overhead of costly hardware or complex software. Content creators and video producers across the entire enterprise are able to create high-quality live and on-demand video content from any location using any device, including smartphones and tablets.
  • The Virtual Green Room facilitates streamlined remote communication between video creators and talent, ensuring the highest possible quality for remote video production. This makes participating in video easy and effortless for presenters, while providing the enterprise-class control and power of a live studio for producers.

The Socialive platform is cloud native, which means there’s no costly hardware or complex software required to produce and distribute video content. Users can host or join a broadcast from anywhere, using the devices they already have, from anywhere in the world, regardless of network connection. Immediately after the broadcast ends, users can access composite and ISOs in a secure, shared, cloud-based Recordings Library, significantly streamlining post-production and ongoing video content creation. Any employee in any location can access, clip and share recordings from the library, empowering more individuals to become video content creators.

Businesses are no longer limited when it comes to creating high-caliber, on-brand video content. With Socialive, teams can expand their video strategy to increase collaboration across their organization, making the most of their video investments to drive greater business value.