Amplify your member’s presence with constituents

Pre-record or live stream studio-quality video from the devices you already have, including your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Capture engaging content for commentary, fireside chats, panel discussions, weekly recaps, or town halls.

Enable staff to securely capture 4K video from the field

Socialive’s mobile app allows anyone on your team to capture district event recordings, which are automatically transferred to your secure, centralized library. Clip and share recordings across channels with a few clicks, or send to the Studio to customize.


Easily direct your member in our Virtual Green Room

Enter our one-of-a-kind digital space to conduct dry runs, coordinate discussion topics and run tech checks. Support staff can supply suggested language and talking points directly in your member’s ear — all behind the scenes.

Keep your branding consistent and professional

Cut through the noise with customized video content. Quickly drag and drop live and recorded video feeds into layouts, then add branded graphics, overlays, QR codes and calls to action.

Effortlessly broadcast to all your channels at once

Multicast live or pre-recorded content across all your member’s social media channels, campaign web pages and more. Leverage audience engagement tools to keep constituents engrossed via live Q&As, polls and quizzes.

Ensure complete security with SOC2 compliance

Through security audits, data encryption and standards compliance, we’ve designed our platform to meet or exceed government security requirements.

Socialive puts your message front and center

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