Welcome to the era of enterprise video transformation

By David Moricca

Today, we unveiled our vision for Enterprise Video Transformation — a third wave of digital transformation characterized by the ubiquitous use of video for storytelling and audience communication in the enterprise. Just as social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok sparked a massive shift in the way individual consumers create and engage with video content, the creator economy movement is transforming the enterprise: Video is fast becoming the preferred means of communication.

Until now, it’s been challenging to easily create professional-grade, on-brand video content within an enterprise at scale. Creating, broadcasting and distributing video was traditionally time-consuming and limited to those with deep expertise. Video production also required complex, expensive software and hardware, as well as hefty travel and production expenses. As a result, video was reserved for mission-critical campaigns. Since the pandemic, enterprises have also been facing a steeper uphill battle trying to engage their external and internal audiences in fresh, dynamic ways, especially with the rise of remote and hybrid workplaces.

Socialive’s groundbreaking technology — including our new Dual Recordings capability that brings together the disparate technologies required for live broadcasting and high-quality remote recordings — changes the equation by making it possible for both everyday business users and video pros to easily and cost-effectively create an unlimited stream of high-quality video content relevant to enterprise audiences.

Democratizing video content creation will help meet massive new demand for video

According to the State of Enterprise Video: Creation, Broadcasting & Distribution study announced today, demand for video skyrocketed in the last year, with 84% of enterprises experiencing an increase in video content output over the last 12 months. This trend is by no means slowing down — an astonishing 88% of enterprise professionals anticipate their company’s video content output to increase in the next year. These findings signal loud and clear that the next wave of transformation in the enterprise is well underway.

Business communication has evolved significantly in the last few decades. From email and chat to video conferencing tools like Zoom, every company has access to technology for fast and personal communication. The future of enterprise communication will focus on telling better, more authentic stories and empowering more voices from across the organization. Businesses must equip their storytellers and make it easier to deliver high-caliber video content at scale.

Revealed today, the next-generation Socialive platform realizes our vision for Enterprise Video Transformation. By removing the complexities of video content creation, our platform empowers business users and video pros alike to produce high-quality videos anywhere, anytime and from any device. What’s more, line-of-business users can now tell better stories and deliver more genuine and thoughtful video experiences through Socialive’s self-serve technology, eliminating the need to rely on costly external agencies while freeing up internal production teams for more complex projects. Easy-to-use video creation workflows enable diverse people distributed across the organization to continually create fresh, authentic video content themselves. With significant advancements to existing platform features, including the Socialive Studio in the Cloud™, Virtual Green Room, Recordings Library and new mobile capabilities, the possibilities for video are limitless.

It’s incredibly rewarding to be fulfilling our mission to fundamentally transform the way video content is created, broadcast and distributed in the enterprise. Socialive is paving a way for global organizations to better connect and engage with their employees and customers, get more out of their video content and grow their businesses.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell. By lowering the barrier to entry for video creation, Socialive is giving enterprises the tools they need to humanize their businesses.