by Farraz Khan | 17 Apr 2019

Socialive Founder & CEO David Moricca participated in a panel discussion on LinkedIn Live at NAB Show.

A mainstay of the media ecosystem, NAB Show – an annual convention organized by the National Association of Broadcasters – charts the evolution of the media, entertainment, and technology landscape.

As content migrates to digital platforms – and brands increasingly assume the role of content creators – the recently launched LinkedIn Live was a hot topic at this year’s gathering.

Joining Moricca on the panel was Jessica Chan, Video and Publisher Partnerships at LinkedIn; and Dan Rayburn, streaming media expert.

Here are 3 takeaways about LinkedIn Live from NAB Show:

1. Authentic content allows brands to build community on LinkedIn

As discussed in our LinkedIn Live Content Guide, channel informs content.

Unlike consumer-centric platforms like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is a professional social-media network – and one more concerned with forming and nurturing community. The rule of thumb for LinkedIn Live content is to give, not take.

Authenticity in content – both in substance and style – allows for your brand to engage more honestly and personally with the LinkedIn audience.

Instead of slick marketing videos, live broadcasts open opportunities for your brand to share ideas, insights, and experiences in an unvarnished manner, earning it trust and goodwill.

2. Brands can use LinkedIn Live to stream events, but also to showcase thought leadership & company culture.

The most intuitive use case for live video is to live stream physical events.

While many Socialive customers live stream conventions or conferences, live video – and the LinkedIn Live channel – present a wider range of possibilities for content. These include live interviews & discussions, tutorials, tips, behind-the-scenes tours, and lots more.

The fundamental feature of live video is its real-time quality, which enables a brand to interact with its audience – fielding questions and comments – as a broadcast unfolds. Similarly, it allows brands to break news and make time-bound announcements.

Expanding use of live video beyond tentpole events, therefore, lets your brand unlock opportunities to engage followers more meaningfully and to strengthen brand affinity.

3. Socialive makes it easy to create professional broadcasts for LinkedIn

Remember, LinkedIn Live requires a third-party encoder.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter – where a user can click a button in the specific app to go live – LinkedIn has no native live streaming capability. In other words, while LinkedIn hosts and allows viewers to interact with a live video, it doesn’t allow a user to actually capture that video or deliver it to the platform.

Instead, LinkedIn is partnering with Socialive, a web-based platform and mobile app that allows brands & influencers to create polished broadcasts and deliver them live to LinkedIn.

One reason for this decision is the nature of the LinkedIn community. Given its professional ethos, LinkedIn favors more crafted broadcasts, versus the raw, selfie-style live streams that have proliferated on other social platforms.

As an enterprise live-video platform, Socialive makes it possible to create pro-caliber broadcasts easily and efficiently:

> Record video using any camera

> Build a broadcast using multiple live cameras, graphics, and layouts

> Distribute a broadcast live across multiple channels – LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more – all at the same time

As the focus on LinkedIn Live at NAB Show illustrates, LinkedIn Live signifies a novel opportunity for brands.

Given the distinct nature of the LinkedIn platform – a professional social-media network – the launch of LinkedIn Live is not just another instance of a digital platform adding live streaming.

Rather, it represents the opening of a new B2B channel, a venue for top-funnel awareness building, business development, and recruitment.

The best part of doing a LinkedIn Live through Socialive: the ability to easily repurpose content. With a suite of recording, editing, and publishing tools in the end-to-end platform, Socialive users are able to both raise brand awareness and drive demand generation and content marketing with each LinkedIn Live.