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How Qualtrics creates visually dynamic virtual events at scale

Founded in 2002, Qualtrics is the world’s No. 1 Experience Management (XM) provider and creator of the XM category. Specializing in digital customer experience, employee experience, and more, the company empowers organizations to capture and act on customer, product, brand, and employee experience insights — all in one place.


The Qualtrics Global Digital team uses Socialive to produce events that elevate their brand and digitally transform the customer experience. To date, the team has distributed pre-recorded and live Socialive broadcasts to ON24 and the Qualtrics website. Together, Qualtrics and Socialive are currently working on creating a customized and branded experience on





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“My advice to video marketers is to find a video creation platform that challenges you to try new things. Find a solution that checks all the boxes — and then some — because it will allow you to take things to the next level.”

Bailey Fisher, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Qualtrics


Delivering dynamic and engaging video content at scale

The Growth Marketing team at Qualtrics is responsible for generating quality leads while also delivering best-in-class digital experiences to their audiences. In recent years, that’s meant leaning increasingly more on video to meet the needs of today’s business users through highly engaging virtual events.


As digital experiences become the norm, virtual events are now a crucial part of marketing teams’ customer engagement strategies. The problem? It’s a noisy world, and Qualtrics wanted to create fresh, on-brand video experiences that connect with prospects and inspire customers to become evangelists.


In searching for a solution, the Qualtrics Marketing team needed:

  • Flexible, visual layouts
  • The ability to run complex events with both live and pre-recorded (simulated live) video content
  • High production value
  • The ability to stream events across multiple channels simultaneously



Leveraging Socialive to create sleek yet intuitive and scalable video experiences

Qualtrics turned to Socialive to develop more visually compelling video content using our dozens of drag-and-drop scenes and layouts. While their events now have the look and feel of broadcasts created in a live TV studio, Socialive’s intuitive interface and Virtual Green Room take the complexity out of remote video recording.


“We listen to our audience, and they prefer live events because they feel more genuine. With Socialive, we are able to provide this experience without sacrificing quality,” said Qualtrics Senior Digital Marketing Specialist Bailey Fisher.


Since deploying Socialive, Qualtrics has created dozens of virtual events featuring both live and pre-recorded videos, including several gated webinar series to meet lead generation goals. The team has also used Socialive to showcase companies including Etsy, Fidelity, and Safelite.


With Socialive’s one-click multicasting feature, Qualtrics can now simultaneously broadcast digital events across third-party channels such as Vimeo and LinkedIn Live, as well as on their own website using our embeddable video player.

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 “We have seen a night and day difference in the production level of our videos since using Socialive.”

Bailey Fisher, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Qualtrics


Qualtrics takes remote video video production to the next level


Not only was Qualtrics able to meet their unique digital event needs with the Socialive platform, they were also able to explore new opportunities. Their team uploads general video content into the platform, which regional teams can then add to to provide appropriate localization for their unique audiences. Fisher said, “This has made rolling out global campaigns to each region extremely simple and effective!”


Along with the nearly endless possibilities available within the platform, Fisher credits her strong partnership with the Socialive team for the success of their video creation journey.

qualtrics bailey fisher headshot

“Socialive is a true partner. The Socialive team is fully invested in what we’re trying to accomplish — and there's no length they won't go to to make sure we find success.”

Bailey Fisher, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Qualtrics

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