Embed your videos, control your content

Capture more web traffic, audience engagement, sales leads and conversions in your fully branded web environment.

Create and host, end-to-end

No need for a separate video tool — use Socialive to create and then host your videos and livestreams directly on your site.

Draw audiences to your website

Don’t send your audience away, bring them to your website so you gain direct web traffic from every video and livestream.

Engagement without the overhead

Create compelling videos and livestreams without the overhead. With Socialive you get professional-quality that without hassle, saving both time and money.

Features of the embeddable video player

Everything you need to create and host professional-grade video directly on your website.

Turnkey setup

Simply paste a snippet of code into your website, and you’re done in less than 30 seconds.

Make it, ship it

Deliver professional-grade video everywhere in crisp, clear playback for your audience.

Instantly publish everywhere

Simultaneously send your video to social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Interactive audience experience

Bring your livestreams to life! Socialive works seamlessly with audience engagement tools for quizzes, Q&As, polls, and other viewer interaction.

Instant access to recordings

No matter if you embed a livestream or recorded video, everything is instantly available in your secure content library.

“Socialive allows me to quickly and easily create professional live events and videos. It puts a lot of power and flexibility in my hands — it’s almost like having a full video crew at my disposal.”

Kevin Manniko, Sr. Event Manager and Production Specialist, TechCrunch

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Take back control of your video creations.

Socialive in action

How FanDuel Redefined The Virtual Fan Experience Using Socialive

Diversifying its marketing strategy, FanDuel turned to Socialive to connect its growing community with Hall of Fame athletes, sports analysts, and celebrities through high-quality virtual events such as live Q&A’s and episodic talk shows.
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How VMware saved $100,000 in one video project

VMware experienced a massive ROI in video creation with Socialive — saving around $1000 per video while creating more videos, faster.

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