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How Microsoft influencers reduced video production time by 95%


Less production time


Viewer sentiment


More engagement

Derek Russell, Senior Specialist of Data & AI at Microsoft, and Ali Mazaheri, Director of Microsoft Technology Centers, use Socialive to produce video content that showcases thought leadership on technology. 


Leveraging Socialive, these two Microsoft influencers were able to simplify and accelerate its video content creation workflow from start to finish.





“Socialive is easy and robust.”

Derek Russell | Senior Specialist, Data & AI at Microsoft


Video production requires time, money, and expertise

The objectives of the duo’s video strategy are to showcase industry knowledge and increase audience engagement. In sharing expertise through video, the team ran into several challenges:

  1. Complexity of video editing
  2. High video production costs
  3. Inability to simulcast to social media
  4. Inability to broadcast remote guests


Socialive simplifies video content creation

Russell and Mazaheri adopted Socialive as a solution to produce live video content for its social media channels, particularly LinkedIn and YouTube. The team uses Socialive to broadcast:

Taking advantage of Socialive features—specifically the ability to broadcast pre-recorded and live video, create enterprise podcasts, capture video from remote guests, and simulcast to social media— the team overcame its pain points to share knowledge and engage its audience.

Designed to engage their social media followers, the team created the hour-long LinkedIn Live video series “Simply Tech LIVE” to share expertise from technologists.

Russell and Mazaheri rely on Socialive’s cloud-based video production software to efficiently edit and distribute its branded video and podcast series “Simply Tech LIVE” and “The Data Binge.”  Both series were designed to engage social media followers and discuss topics such as diversity in leadership and women in technology.

Microsoft’s Derek Russell hosts a podcast called “The Data Binge” featuring conversations with practitioners in technology.

“I love that you can customize your experience with Socialive's software. You can bring in artifacts, media, labels, graphics, and change your scene on the fly. It feels fast, ready, and good to go.”

Derek Russell | Senior Specialist, Data & AI at Microsoft


The Duo’s Winning Strategy Speeds Up Video Production

Leveraging Socialive made it possible for Russell and Mazaheri to easily broadcast to their social media audiences and invite remote guests—all while saving six to ten hours in the editing process.


In launching two live video series to spotlight thought leadership, they have seen:


Less Production Time


Viewer Sentiment


More Engagement

From its live video content featuring leaders in technology, to real-time engagement with its social media audience, these two video series demonstrate how one can simplify its video production workflow and achieve core content objectives using Socialive.

“I can reach out to the Socialive team at all hours of day and will get a response. The team at Socialive is enriching our content.”

Derek Russell | Senior Specialist, Data & AI at Microsoft

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