Getting started with overlays


Use our starter assets to take overlays for a test drive and learn how you can up-level your productions.

Excited to start making dynamic scenes but not sure where to start?

Download our sample asset pack and follow the steps below to recreate this example scene. The asset pack includes a background image, logo, lower third, and video overlay that you can use to familiarize yourself with the process of building a scene. For more in-depth details, visit our support site.


1. Start a new broadcast and upload your assets

2. Set your recording resolution to 1080p

3. Select “2 horizontal crop” layout from the layouts panel

4. Drag and drop your feeds in from the sources panel

5. Select your background from the media panel

6. Apply your graphic and video overlays

Bonus: If you want step your game up even further, try adding a video background, music, sound effects, and name tags!

What's included:

Background image (.png)

Graphic overlay (.png)

Lower third (.png)

Video overlay (.webm)

Pro tip: Think in layers

Thinking about your broadcast as a 3-layered composition — overlays, camera feeds, and backgrounds — allows you to imagine limitless ways to create dynamic layouts.