by Farraz Khan | 20 Jun 2019

Socialive isn’t only for livestreaming.

While our platform enables organizations to create live video broadcasts for social and digital channels – like LinkedIn LiveFacebook Live, as well as internal comms systems – Socialive now also lets you record video content.

Using the web-based Socialive Studio, you can now:

> Record a video to your Socialive Library (your secure, cloud-based drive) and

> Record directly to your computer

Plus, you can capture video on the go using the SocialiveGO mobile app.

In addition to starting or joining a live broadcast via iPhone or iPad (Android coming soon), you can record a video from anywhere in the world directly to your Socialive Library using your mobile device.

Best of all, with mobile capture, your video is instantly available to your team – in your Library – no matter if they’re in a different location.

Why use Socialive to create video recordings?

In a word: simplicity.

Where most video creation apps are overly complicated – requiring lots of time, expensive equipment, and video experts – the Socialive platform makes it easy for anyone to create compelling video, live or recorded.


With our intuitive web-based Studio, you can drag & drop media to organize your show, and select graphics and layouts with a click. And you can use the equipment you have, whether a smartphone, webcam, or high-end multi-cam setup.


Once your timeline is set, you start recording – and switch between cameras/media and apply your graphics in real time. By producing a video as it’s happening, you cut down on endless and costly post-production editing time that characterizes traditional video production.


Because Socialive unlocks a more efficient video workflow, it allows your team to scale video output.

You can capture video remotely via mobile, build dynamic broadcasts with a few clicks, and distribute right from the platform – so you can deliver to external channels, upload to a CMS or internal system, or provide footage for a creative team.


Socialive lets you broadcast any video as live – even recorded videos. By pre-recording content and distributing it live – a “fake live” – you can generate the higher viewership and engagement of a live video, while staying in control of your message. Also, recording lets you practice a live broadcast before actually going live.


Digital content is distinct from old-school TV; and social media-style video is different from studio-produced digital content. When producing video for social and digital channels, overproduced video is overkill – even self-defeating.

Socialive enables you to create content that balances enterprise polish with the compulsive watchability of modern social-style video – with its emphasis on authenticity.

How recording video in Socialive works

In Socialive, when you create a new broadcast, you can choose to Broadcast live or Record a video.

When you select Record a video, the right-hand Broadcast panel in Socialive Studio will provide recording options. In Record only mode, your video will not be seen publicly.

(If you select the Broadcast live option, this panel will show channels where you can distribute your video. You can also select Broadcast mode from the right-hand panel to surface distribution options.)

When Record only mode is selected, you can select where you want to record your video:

Record to my Socialive account: When checked, your video will record to your Socialive Library and will appear under Completed Broadcasts. Anyone from your team can access the video in your team’s Library – even if they are in a different location.

Record to my computer: When checked, a high-quality recording of your video will save directly to your computer after the recording is complete.

As with producing live video broadcasts, Socialive now makes it easy to create dynamic video recordings to distribute as live, edit later, or use as practice for live broadcasts.