Businesses are always seeking new ways to deepen engagement with their unique communities and audiences — and video is at the top of the list. The demand for studio-quality video content is higher than ever, as it allows businesses to deliver dynamic, in-the-moment experiences that break through the noise. According to LinkedIn, livestreams receive significantly higher engagement than posts with pre-recorded video, driving 7X more reactions and 24X more comments.

To support customers as they increase their use of live and pre-recorded video, we’ve unveiled the Socialive Virtual Green Room — a remote video production experience that allows producers to easily coordinate with on-air talent before, during, and after live shows or recording sessions. It’s as simple as attending a video conference call, but with the controls and power of a live TV studio for video producers.

Your professional TV studio in the cloud

An evolution of the traditional in-person green rooms of on-site production studios, the Virtual Green Room enables streamlined remote communication between producers and talent, ensuring the highest possible quality for remote video production. Presenters can ask any last-minute questions and prepare for live recordings with the host and technical producer. This behind-the-scenes, completely virtual space allows guests to address any technical issues and deliver a more polished and professional final outcome.

Up to 20 guests can enter the Virtual Green Room from their computer browser or our mobile app, providing plenty of space for talent, PR professionals, event producers, and more. Smart audio controls automatically mute and unmute guests as they go on screen, ensuring a seamless on-air experience. The Virtual Green Room also provides visual cues that inform talent when they are on and off camera, with the ability for producers and talent to communicate via chat before, during, and after the recording. Rather than working with just one long take, Socialive makes it possible to record individual takes for each guest with the ability to start and stop their own recordings — making it easy to repurpose and edit content after the fact.

According to Katie Martell, an on-air host, B2B marketing thought leader for enterprise companies, and Socialive power user, “Having a safe environment to connect with guests before a broadcast is critical to ensuring their comfort before going live. In-person talent wouldn’t go on stage without a green room to prepare – and virtual appearances feel no different. With Socialive, it’s easy for my guests to follow along with the show before they go on air, giving them ample time to prepare and to have full context when they go live.”

Virtual Green Room

Scale content with ease

No one should have to sacrifice quality when creating live video content. With Socialive, isolated participant feeds — high-definition videos from each guest’s device — are automatically saved and stored in the centralized, cloud-based Socialive Library. This feature streamlines post-production, allowing businesses to capitalize on the spontaneity of live video by creating additional high-quality clips, highlight reels, and on-demand videos.