When prospects are ready to make purchase decisions, customer case studies and testimonials are among the most influential pieces of content they review. 

Seventy-three percent of B2B marketers named case studies as the best content for accelerating leads in the mid and late stages (Demand Generation Report). Hearing customers share their story in their own words about how they’ve used your product or service to move their business forward is far more interesting than almost anything we can say — and what they have to say can seal the deal.

You no doubt work very hard to recruit and engage customers in your customer reference program. Here are four best practices to keep in mind to maximize every opportunity you have to capture and share their stories.

Hand-select your very best customers

Recruit customers who are your biggest fans. You’re looking for customers who can showcase your company and product or offering in the best light, and are passionate advocates. People who are passionate and knowledgeable about a topic can be powerfully engaging on video.

Incorporate numbers

Wherever possible, add numbers to the customer success story. Whether it is in framing the situation or challenge a customer faced or, ideally, in the impact your product or offering had on their business, numbers create believable context for your story. If possible, showcase those numbers visually in the video, to emphasize their importance.

Add supporting characters

Every story has a hero as well as supporting characters who help the hero on their journey. Bring one or two of your customer’s supporting characters into the video story. It might be a partner, a sales engineer or a customer success representative who helped the customer get things done faster and more successfully. These guest appearances add interest and increase credibility.

Plan ahead to retell the story

Customer stories aren’t just for prospects. They can be shared in social media to increase brand awareness. They can also be of interest to the media and to investors who want to understand the impact your business has on customers. As you’re creating your video customer success stories, consider opportunities to repurpose and share them in other channels.

How to achieve maximum impact from customer success stories and testimonials using Socialive

Video is an ideal way to share your most impactful customer success stories and testimonials. At Socialive, we’ve democratized the production of studio-quality video so everyone on your team can work together to quickly produce branded, immersive customer stories that inspire, inform and engage. Socialive’s all-in-one enterprise video content creation platform lets you: 

  • Create compelling and authentic customer success videos with cloud-based video production, mixing live and pre-recorded content with dynamic layouts and branded graphic content so everything looks professional and consistent
  • Capture HD video and audio content from anywhere —  straight from your phone, tablet or desktop browserwith Socialive’s remote recording capabilities to ensure the highest quality content possible
  • Streamline content management with the ability to securely capture, store and access HD video in your cloud-based recordings library. No manual file transfer required
  • Interact with employees through live question-and-answer sessions
  • Collaborate behind the scenes during video recording, sharing talking points and other direction through a virtual Green Room
  • Repurpose content into snackable clips to share across brand and marketing programs

Your customers have fantastic stories to share about your company and their experiences with your products or offerings. Discover how we can help you amplify your customer stories to drive business results

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