It’s no surprise that the demand for digital content and virtual events continues to increase. So much so that the global virtual events market size is expected to expand 24% by 2028 (Grandview Research). In a remote and hybrid environment, businesses are capitalizing on the ability to drive dynamic conversations featuring guests and executives from all over the world — all at a fraction of the costs of in-person events. But teams are struggling with workflow delays and quality issues as demand skyrockets.

Unstable networks result in spotty recordings and delayed distribution of content. In addition, trying to track down a guest speaker’s individual feed adds more work to a producer’s already full plate. To eliminate that pain point, we’re excited to share that Socialive now automatically uploads high-definition (HD) individual recordings from every guest to your team’s centralized recordings library. Teams now have access to clear recordings, automatically ready for them to review, edit, and distribute all within their browser.

Less hassle, fewer mistakes, and more control over the video production workflow

As enterprise companies scale remote video production with the Socialive platform, producers gain even more peace of mind knowing that all their guest content can be stored and accessed in one central hub. By eliminating the hassle of tracking down video files, we make it easier for guest speakers to get in front of the camera while streamlining post-production. Guests join from wherever they are, through the browser or mobile app. All their files are automatically uploaded to the recordings library after the broadcast, so it’s one less thing to worry about. The best part? Local capture delivers pristine HD video every time, regardless of network conditions.

And when it comes time for post-production work like editing down lengthy footage into a snackable video clip or extracting audio files, your recordings library is always available to you and anyone on your team through our cloud-based platform.

Save time with a secure centralized library

With a single interface for everything in your video workflow, editing and securing approval of additional video content is a breeze. Automatic HD local recordings ensure teams can rest assured knowing that all individual recordings are safely secured in their cloud-based recordings library. Content is never saved locally on an individual’s device, so teams don’t have to worry about clips accidentally falling into the wrong hands.

The centralized recordings library is a secure platform for your team to review or audit video content. The library stores unlimited HD recordings, enabling your team to repurpose content and maximize your ROI. Afterward, you can use the integrations feature to distribute approved content to external platforms and apps.

At the end of the day, Socialive’s intuitive platform makes it easy to source, produce, and publish your video content from one shared, central hub. To learn more about automatic HD individual feeds, visit our support center.