Technology was supposed to make the way we work easier. In recent years, however, many of us have begun to suffer from too much of a good thing. There are so many disjointed apps and tools bloating our screens, it’s challenging to find the time to do real work.

According to Asana’s 2022 Anatomy of Work Global Index, roughly 23 hours of the 40-hour workweek are lost to menial, repetitive tasks. Today’s employees spend 58% of their time on work about work — communicating about work, searching for information, switching between apps, managing shifting priorities, and chasing status updates. While 33% of our time is spent on skilled work, a mere 9% is dedicated to strategy. Without a clear strategy, your skilled work won’t go as far, fueling a vicious cycle of more work about work.

We set out to make our unified video creation platform work even smarter by integrating with other popular enterprise tools. Our goal is to enable enterprises to seamlessly expand their ecosystems of work, so they can concentrate on creating great content instead of toggling between apps. Now, Socialive users can send their video assets directly to external applications including Slack, Sprinklr, Google Drive, Dropbox, Brightcove, Vimeo, Sprout Social, and We’re constantly rolling out new integrations, so be sure to keep this growing list handy. With their freed-up time, our customers can focus on what matters most: strategy, ideation, and innovation.

Smarter content workflows

To date, our platform has empowered leading enterprises and high-growth companies alike to seamlessly produce high-quality video content in distributed work environments. But delivering those assets to external cloud storage providers, enterprise video platforms, and video editing systems required more time than we were happy with. Previously, users had to download recorded assets from the Socialive portal and manually upload them to each platform. And because not all producers and guests use the same storage providers, teams often had to resort to additional manual workarounds, causing more timeline delays.

With our new integrations feature, users can directly distribute video (and soon audio) files to multiple platforms straight from the Socialive platform. By reducing the amount of time your team spends on menial tasks, integrations eliminate productivity gaps and ultimately improve your time to market.

Getting more out of your content with integrations

Your content shouldn’t stop working for you once your broadcast ends. Integrations make it even easier to get more value out of your Socialive recordings. Simply click the button to share a broadcast from the Recordings Library to one of the external applications we support (more coming soon!). Then repurpose the recording into snackable clips for social media and blog posts, podcast episodes, b-roll footage, recaps and highlight reels, or promotional videos.

Likewise, by making your content accessible to everyone in the organization, more employees can maximize it in less time. No more chasing down assets or resorting to complex workarounds to transfer large files. Anyone on your team can instantly access recordings from your secure, centralized hub and send them to the platform they need.

At the end of the day, Socialive integrations enable our users to spend less time downloading and uploading, and more time strategizing and ideating. To learn more about integrations, visit our support center.