Hint: You can do it yourself. You don’t need to blow your budget on expensive equipment or studio space to create professional-quality video.

You probably already have a general idea of what corporate video production is, or else you wouldn’t be here. Just in case, we define corporate video production as the creation of video by businesses for business use cases. That video can be just about anything, from product demos to case studies.

What the other guides to corporate video production don’t tell you is that the landscape has changed. Technological advances coupled with shifts to the way we work and collaborate have resulted in quicker and more cost-effective solutions.

Now, organizations can create studio-quality video — without the studio.

DIY corporate video production, without the DIY appearance

Traditional video production typically requires a big budget and long timeline to accommodate shooting on location, using expensive equipment, and hiring a full video crew to handle recording, post-production, and distribution.

At the onset of the pandemic, however, organizations were forced to change the way they work. For a while, it wasn’t safe to gather together in person to produce videos. Many businesses turned to makeshift solutions to keep the lights on, like remotely recording talent on Zoom.

While in-person activities have now resumed, the way we work has fundamentally changed. Dispersed teams were already common, especially for large, global companies. COVID-19 simply accelerated this trend and provided a proof of concept for all types of businesses, industries, and job types.

It’s certainly possible to return to traditional video production. But it’s also much more challenging to gather your team and talent together in the same location when the world of business is no longer bound by geography.

At the same time, the makeshift solutions companies turned to during the pandemic won’t cut it long term due to quality issues and complex workflows.

So where does that leave us?

Cloud video production has emerged as the cornerstone for creating high-quality video at the pace and scale of modern business. That means organizations can produce video in house, without the DIY appearance of a laggy conference call.

The importance of a unified workflow

When organizations contemplate moving video production in house, they often raise several valid issues. But a cloud-based, all-in-one platform can solve for those. Here’s how:


One of the main reasons why corporate video production can cost so much money is because many organizations try to replicate the production house experience. They build onsite studios, hire a full video services team, and purchase all the expensive hardware and software needed to produce video the traditional way.

With Socialive, you don’t need the fancy equipment or a physical studio. Your team can remotely record, produce, distribute, and repurpose video straight from their browser.


Disjointed tech stacks eat up valuable time.

Many corporations rely on one tool to record a broadcast, a different tool to add production elements, and yet another tool to distribute video to their audiences. If they want to cut their finished video into snackable clips, they have to track down the original recording, upload it to a video editing tool, and make the edits.

Socialive unifies the recording, production, distribution, and repurposing of video into a single platform, which saves teams countless hours. Plus, our one-click integrations with popular enterprise applications like Sprinklr, Google Drive, Frame.io, and Brightcove enable teams to work even smarter and faster.


A whopping 95% of the video services professionals we surveyed in our State of Enterprise Video report said they are at or over their work capacity. But finding support in today’s candidate-driven job market is challenging.

Thankfully, Socialive’s intuitive, drag-and-drop features make it easy for anyone — with or without technical know-how — to get up to speed quickly. By upskilling existing team members across departments, you can ease the burden on video services, or rely less on outsourcing video creation.


Businesses often struggle to scale video creation due to access issues.

Video files are typically stored on an individual’s computer, which can make tracking them down to view, edit, or repurpose difficult. Likewise, complex video software tools prohibit many employees from participating in the video creation process.

Socialive’s cloud-based platform gives employees centralized access to all video files in a secure location. All recordings are automatically transferred to your library, so you don’t have to hound individuals to get access to content.

And because our cloud platform can be accessed anywhere via desktop or mobile, more employees can contribute video content to their company’s library, exponentially expanding your video output.

TL;DR A unified workflow is critical to successfully bringing corporate video production in house.

How to drive value across the entire organization

Video usage has skyrocketed across departments in recent years, driven by increased customer and employee demand, as well as the prevalence of dispersed work.

Marketers are creating brand videos and corporate events. HR professionals are creating employee onboarding and training videos. Executive communications teams are hosting fireside chats and CEO earnings calls. If a department exists, so does the opportunity to leverage video.

But viewers’ concentration has become fractured. Between social media and workplace apps, there’s always somewhere else for their attention to wander. Organizations need to create more engaging video content if they want to capture and maintain their audience’s attention.

Socialive makes it easy to add production elements such as audio and video overlays, recorded videos, graphics, and lower thirds in just a few clicks. By creating more dynamic video experiences, departments can drive real value across the organization:

  • Attract top talent
  • Accelerate employee productivity
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Increase employee retention
  • Drive brand awareness
  • Increase qualified leads and pipeline
  • Increase customer expansion and retention
  • Boost engagement and reach
  • Amplify diverse voices

Instead of using video out of necessity or simply for the sake of creating content, strategic organizations are aligning their business goals with their video plans. This approach, however, requires a deep understanding of the business. By bringing corporate video production in house, teams can ensure every video they create is impactful.

You can transform the way you create corporate video across the organization with a cloud video production solution. Cloud technology empowers organizations to produce more video in house, scale their content output, lower costs, and reduce time to market. 

Take a quick, self-guided tour of our platform to see how Socialive can help your organization bring corporate video production in house.