New AI-powered video tool reduces the cost of video creation by making it easier for creators of all abilities to edit video content.

LOS ANGELES – March 15, 2024Socialive, the cloud video creation platform for the enterprise, today announced the release of its new video editor — powered by innovative AI — which promises to transform video creation.


The browser-based Editor is the latest in a suite of products designed to be the fastest and most cost-effective way for enterprise teams to create professional video at scale. By providing an intuitive, end-to-end experience, individuals and creative teams can record, edit, publish, and livestream all from the same platform.

“Faster, more accessible video editing is the key to unlocking the potential for large-scale video creation across the enterprise,” says David Moricca, CEO and founder of Socialive. “With our AI-powered video editor, we not only reduce the complexity but also cut down on the cost and time traditionally associated with specialist-level editing, making video creation more attainable.”

About Socialive’s AI-powered editor

Whether you are making one video or hundreds, Socialive’s AI-powered video editor is fast and easy to use for both veteran video creators and those without any video editing experience.

Socialive is introducing text-based editing to the platform, so users can quickly edit video just like a doc. The Editor automatically generates a transcript for the video, and the intuitive interface allows anyone to quickly remove sections of video by simply selecting and removing unwanted text.

Accelerate your workflow by creating fully designed and on-brand templates you can apply to your videos to save time and eliminate repetitive tasks when creating large volumes of videos.

The timeline Editor provides the power to make microscopic adjustments to make sure you get the perfect clip. The drag-and-drop experience makes it simple to clip, add graphics, build in a storyboard, and is intuitive for users of all abilities.

The AI-powered video editor, paired with the platform’s recording and publishing capabilities, means that there is no need for external software at any stage of the video creation process. The Editor is the latest addition to Socialive’s end-to-end platform for recording, editing, publishing and livestreaming professional video content.

Fast, cost-effective video creation for the enterprise

Socialive’s AI-powered editor is just the first of many planned innovations to make it easier for anyone to create studio-quality video content.

“Along with the power to create video content and produce a massive ROI, we want our customers to know that the platform is supported by enterprise-grade security,” says Socialive CTO Ben Davenport. “We’re fully committed to the ethical use of AI. Businesses can trust that their content is safe and won’t be used for training models.”

With Socialive set to include more AI-fueled enhancements to the platform, follow Socialive’s newsletter for future innovations in cloud video creation.

About Socialive

Socialive’s end-to-end video creation platform is the fastest and most cost-effective way for anyone to record, edit, publish, or livestream professional video. The AI-powered platform provides an intuitive experience for everyone, transforming people without formal video training into full-fledged content creators and reducing production time and costs for video experts. The platform unlocks the potential to scale strategic video creation across large organizations.

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