Key takeaways:
End-to-end video creation = one platform to create and share videos
Doing everything in one platform saves time, money, and reduces complexities
Socialive makes it fast and easy to record, edit, and publish in one continuous flow

At Socialive, we’re all over the concept of end-to-end video creation. It’s the core piece in our mission to empower everyone, everywhere to easily create professional video.

Fast, easy editing in the same place where you record video makes that mission a reality.

With a user-friendly editor and a template-driven approach, it’s even easier and faster to do everything you need to create high-quality content — all in one place. No more point solutions.

The costly and time-consuming process of outsourcing video is a thing of the past. And video teams can rest easy knowing that they can create guardrails so anyone in the organization can create high-quality, branded video content on their own.

The process of recording video at a crisp resolution, performing quick edits (or none at all with a template), and publishing directly to the desired channel can be done seamlessly.

All together, Socialive is your one-stop shop for video creation. Keep reading to see what that looks like in action and three step-by-step examples of video creation for:

End-to-end video creation: everything in one platform

We live in a world where specialization and a la carte options have made things as expensive and confusing as ever. The exact opposite of what we were promised.

TV shows are spread across hundreds of channels and streaming services. Plane tickets don’t come standard with guaranteed seats or snacks. The guacamole costs extra!

But in this world of nickel and diming, we think it makes sense and is valuable to have everything included. Especially when it comes to making videos.

That’s why we built a platform that truly provides everything needed to make a video and seamlessly get it where it needs to go.

High-quality video recording

The first step of the journey is to create a crisp recording. Socialive makes it easy with a number of flexible options.

Just choose whether you want to capture yourself, your screen, a group of people, or some combination, and hit record.

As soon as the session is over, each individual input feed is automatically uploaded to a secure content library, where it’s ready to edit.

Fast, easy video editing

Next up comes editing, traditionally the hardest and most specialized piece of the video puzzle.

Socialive solves that challenge.

The platform simplifies the experience, so anyone with any level of expertise can get the video ready for viewing. Isolating the right moment, combining clips, customizing the layout, and adding overlays can all be done in an instant — without leaving the platform.

To see how AI video editing works, be sure to take a look at our recorded demo of the Editor.

The seamless handoff from recording to editing saves effort, and any editing configuration can be saved as a template for the next video.

Seamless video file transfers

Now that the recording is edited, you’re one click away from getting the video to its destination.

Since Socialive plugs into video review tools, content management platforms, and social platforms, you can send the video where it needs to go in a single click.

No need to download or upload files to get the video to its destination.

How financial advisors streamline video creation

People working in client-facing roles in the financial sector are well aware of the growth and retention power of video. But the traditional approach to video meant that any market update, thought leadership, or promotional material was funneled to video gatekeepers.

Now, advisors can create their own videos at a moment’s notice. The brand team sets up Socialive to provide guardrails, and then the advisor is empowered to create on their own.

Record quick market reactions

As soon as they have their concept in mind and have drafted their script, an advisor will jump into Socialive’s Recording Booth to deliver their take.

They record themselves and their screen and run through the script a few times.

The advisor selects their preferred take, which is then transferred to the editing side of the platform.

Apply a brand-approved template

Since the brand team already created an approved template for this type of video, there really isn’t any need to do much editing.

The advisor just needs to make sure they selected the correct take, check the preview created by the template, and then send the final video back to the content library. That’s it, the video is ready for review.

Speed up content reviews and publishing

The advisor then clicks on the destination for the content review, and it’s instantly in the review portal. Socialive also makes it easier for content reviewers as the platform automatically exports a transcript of the video.

After checking the branding and information in the video, the approved asset is ready to go live. It doesn’t matter if the video is meant to go to a social account or through a CMS, Socialive instantly gets the video to the right place.

How comms teams create high-quality videos

Internal comms is one of those areas where depending on the company, there might not be resources available to create videos.

With Socialive, there’s no need to reallocate resources, comms teams can create video on their own.

One common use case is an update from a CEO.

Crowdsource video recordings

The first step is to enable the presenter. Sending a first draft of the messaging quickly gets them up to speed and helps guide their talk track.

Then the speaker can choose to record in a guided session, to provide coaching from behind the scenes to help nail the take, or they choose to record on their own time in a Recording Booth session.

Either way, after it’s recorded the message is immediately ready to be refined.

Fast and easy edits

Since each off-the-cuff executive update is a bit unique, there may be a desire to mix up the look and feel depending on the context. But some basic elements like the company logo, background imagery, start and end cards, and the CEO’s lower thirds remain the same. They’re all instantly applied via the editing template.

For this specific example, let’s say there’s a desire to add a unique music bed since it’s a happy occasion, and the start card is slightly different. Just upload the music track and opening graphic into the editor and swap it with the existing assets in a couple of clicks.

The video is ready to go!

Instantly ready to publish

Let’s say this update is going to go out through an internal messenger, like Slack or Microsoft Teams. No problem.

Just select the destination, and the video is transferred straight to the proper channel.

How learning and enablement create educational videos

Many L&D and L&E teams have felt the pain of drafting a script for a video and then sending the request to a creative team. Or, in some cases, going without video altogether.

Socialive makes it easy to create instructor-led videos. Just enable an SME, and it’s off to the races.

Easily self-record speaker and their screen

The most time-consuming part is working with the instructor to get the course outline and scripts ready. Once everything has been decided, the instructor is free to record on their own.

For a walkthrough of the material, the presenter records their camera and their screen in a Recording Booth session. This syncs both feeds and makes it easy to combine the two.

Quickly compose content

The video from the SME’s camera and screen are both instantly taken into the editor, where L&D takes over for a quick edit.

Since the focus is on the presenter for the intro and the screen for the bulk of the video, the course designer chooses to split the video into two parts. Easy to do with the clipping tool.

After picking a layout for each section, the speaker in full for the intro, and a picture-in-picture layout for the content, the final video is ready to be added to the course.

Seamlessly send videos to the LMS

All that remains is to send the video to the LMS, already connected to Socialive. The video is instantly transferred to the LMS, where it’s then added to the right spot in the course. That’s it. That training video is ready to go.

End-to-end video creation made easy

Socialive empowers everyone in an organization to create video like a pro. The platform streamlines every step of the process.

Anyone, anywhere can record at the highest resolution possible, apply the appropriate branding, and send the video directly to the desired destination. No need to ever leave the platform.

That’s the end-to-end video creation experience that truly scales the ability to create video assets.

No matter if you’re in the financial sector, in corporate communications, or learning and enablement, Socialive enables anyone to create more video at a lower cost per video.

Of course, we only scratched the surface of the different industries, departments, and use cases for end-to-end video creation. To get a clearer picture of how your team can use video, book time with our video experts.