Key takeaways:
Video is the most effective communication method
Distributed teams rely on video
Communication teams achieve strategic goals with video

Digital communication is the backbone of dispersed work. But when you can’t physically interact with employees or customers, traditional digital comms like email, memos, or even messaging platforms are no longer enough. That’s why the vast majority of organizations have embraced video. In fact, 88% of enterprises we surveyed said they’re increasing video content output across departments this year.

But the dramatic increase in video creation has raised expectations. Viewers want more dynamic and engaging video experiences that go beyond a simple talking head on a Zoom call. Remote video creation has emerged as a pivotal technology to address these challenges.


The growing middle tier of video creation

Cloud video creation is tech that allows anyone to record, edit, publish, or livestream video from a single, unified platform. Because cloud video creation platforms like Socialive are powered by cloud technology, they’re easily accessible by all team members — whether they’re collaborating together onsite or from afar.

This accessibility — combined with Socialive’s HD recording, intuitive editing, one-click publishing, and streamlined integrations — has empowered more video content creators across the enterprise. These content creators occupy a growing middle tier of video creation that embodies both professional quality and ease of use.

High-end videos, like those outsourced to production studios, typically require a massive budget and long timeline. Low-end videos, on the other hand, can be quickly and cheaply recorded on virtual meeting platforms, but you’ll have to sacrifice quality. A cloud platform such as Socialive enables organizations to have the best of both worlds. Users can create videos that look like they were produced by professionals, even if no experts were involved — and all the complicated, costly hardware and software that comes with professional production.


Top 4 benefits of remote video creation for enterprises

In addition to the ability to more easily create professional-grade videos with dispersed teams, remote video creation provides several key benefits for enterprises:

1. Transform enterprise-wide communications

Video-first communication strategies are all the rage these days. But actually implementing them is easier said than done, especially when 95% of the video services professionals we surveyed said they’re at or over their work capacity. Socialive’s intuitive features empower departments across the organization to independently create their own videos. Reducing the strain on internal video services teams then frees them up to focus on highly technical projects where their expertise is needed most.

2. Amplify diverse voices

Historically, the people that organizations feature in video content has been limited by geography. Employees or customers who live in locations outside a central hub are often left out. Thanks to its cloud technology, Socialive can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, using the devices they already have on hand. As a result, organizations can feature more diverse voices across the globe. And our recordings library gives teams instant access to recorded videos in a secure, centralized location in the cloud, ensuring more visibility.


3. Boost engagement and reach

No matter what department you’re in, you need engagement from your audience, whether that’s your customers, prospects, social media communities, virtual event attendees, employees, or investors. Remote video creation enables departments across the organization to move away from static, fatiguing video calls and start making more compelling content. With simulcasting and one-click integrations, you can easily meet your audiences where they are. Distribute video across all your social, digital, conferencing, and event platforms with the click of a button.

4. Scale video content output and increase ROI

Remote video creation allows teams to dramatically decrease their tech stacks. Many organizations rely on separate tools and technologies — which often require complex, manual processes to work together — to create content. Socialive’s unified solution, however, has everything you need to record, edit, publish, and livestream professional video all from a single platform. Not only does an end-to-end platform cut down expenses, it streamlines processes, improving time to market and increasing overall content output.


How different departments use remote video production

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of remote video creation, you might be wondering how different departments put it into practice. The good news: Every department can — and should — remotely create videos to drive business value across the organization. Here’s how:

  • Marketing: Fresh, on-brand video experiences help marketers connect with prospects and inspire customers to become evangelists. Use cases include product demos, case studies, how-to videos, virtual events, and so much more. (e-book: The marketer’s guide to driving business with video marketing)
  • Corporate communications: Authentic videos featuring real people help communications teams tell stories that connect more deeply with their internal and external audiences. Use cases include CEO fireside chats, employee spotlights, earnings calls and briefings, and corporate brand videos.
  • Learning and enablement: More engaging training videos get your employees up to speed faster. Plus, remote recording enables employees to capture valuable learning content on the job, and quickly share it with the rest of the organization. L&E use cases include employee onboarding, upskilling, and customer training.
  • PeopleOps: HR and recruiting teams leverage video to engage employees and attract top talent in a competitive marketplace. Use cases include showcasing a day in the life of an employee, amplifying diverse voices, and hosting virtual recruitment events. (e-book: Video-first solutions for the modern PeopleOps team)
  • Video services: Internal creative teams can take advantage of remote video creation to maintain quality while simplifying workflows to ultimately create more content — faster. These teams then have the bandwidth to help other departments achieve their goals while also making time for more advanced projects, like animation.

Socialive’s all-in-one video creation platform

Powered by cloud technology, Socialive’s platform enables not only remote video creation, but also the recording, editing, and publishing of video content. By unifying these processes in one platform, Socialive simplifies workflows, enabling teams to quickly scale professional video creation. Reduced costs and time savings unlock company-wide use cases, like those listed above, to support overall business goals.

How the Socialive platform works

  1. High-quality recordings: Crowdsourcing recorded content across the business multiplies video creation efforts while empowering more diverse voices throughout the organization.
    • Remotely record 4K and HD video with the devices you use every day (a laptop, smartphone, or tablet) or a professional camera, if you have one on hand.
    • Everyone in your organization can record up to 4K video from anywhere at any time via their browser or the Socialive mobile app.
    • Recorded videos are automatically transferred to your secure, centralized recordings library in the cloud.
    • Recording a group? Collaborate with up to 20 people and direct the action from the Virtual Green Room.
    • Our platform automatically captures both composites and ISOs, facilitating more efficient post-production and content repurposing.
  2. Fast, easy editing: An intuitive experience that empowers anyone to clip, add branding, layouts, and overlays.
    • Enable low-tech users to get professional-grade video content from a take with just a few clicks.
    • Custom intros and outros with logo and name card overlays are easily applied. Plus, smart layouts are soon coming available for screen share.
    • Final video assets with approved look and feel ready to publish in minutes.
  3. One-click file transfers and publishing: Automate file transfers and push content to an array of integrated platforms.
    • Publish across social media channels and a number of integrated platforms and tools. Streamline file transfers in a secure, cloud-based environment.
  4. Studio-quality livestreaming: Simultaneously stream live broadcasts to multiple channels from the powerful virtual studio.
    • Livestream across social media channels and virtual events platforms, publish content on demand, or broadcast directly to internal tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
    • Embed live or on-demand content directly on your website to capture more traffic, leads, and conversions.
    • Encourage real-time audience engagement with Q&A, polls, reactions, and more.

Socialive is the fastest and most cost-effective way to create and publish professional video

But that’s not all. Our platform was built to meet the scale, flexibility, and security needs of the enterprise. We have best-in-class, always-accessible customer support, and robust onboarding. And we pride ourselves on our partnership approach by helping organizations uplevel their enterprise-wide video strategy. Book a demo and see for yourself.