What is it like to work at your company? If I do business with your company, will I like the people I deal with?

Job candidates, prospective customers or partners, and even potential investors — they all want to know what it’s really like inside your company’s everyday operations. And your employees are one of the most impactful barometers people have when it comes to evaluating your company and its culture.

Employee spotlights are a type of content that lets your employees share their stories, experiences, and perspectives in their own authentic voice. And video is the most natural way to showcase these stories. With video creation platform, it’s easier than ever to equip teams to create professional-grade employee spotlights straight from a mobile device or computer, no matter where they are.

The importance of employee recognition

Employee spotlights aren’t just a great way to show the outside world what your organization values. They can also be a strong component of a robust employee retention program.

Recognition at work is one reason employees often cite for choosing to leave a job. In fact, 74% of employees say they want more recognition for their work. And employees are four times as likely to be engaged at work if they strongly agree that they get the right amount of recognition.

Spotlighting employees with video shows that your company recognizes and values individual contributions. Fostering a sense of belonging is another critical factor in employee retention, and video spotlights can help connect and inspire your employees.

Why employee spotlight videos?

From job candidates to potential customers, everyone wants to work with a company that has employees who are engaged, connected, productive and fulfilled. Guest blog posts, interviews, and testimonials can all be good ways to showcase your employees.

But the best way to understand an employee’s experience is to actually see and hear them talking about it in their own words. And to do that, you need an accessible, scalable, and cloud-based video creation platform.

With Socialive’s end-to-end video creation platform, employees can easily record up to 4K video from anywhere, using the devices they already have on hand. Intuitive features enable users to edit scenes within drag-and-drop layouts, add branded graphics, and upload audio and video overlays, so your content is sure to stand out.

Once you’ve finished editing, it’s simple to publish the spotlight video across channels like social media, newsletters, your website, and internal communications platforms. Socialive’s one-click integrations make it super simple to share videos across the workplace applications you’re already using, like LinkedIn, Slack, Frame.io, and Google Drive.

Plus, every recording is automatically transferred to your secure, centralized library in the cloud for storage, viewing, clipping, and editing or publishing later.

Employee spotlight ideas

Not sure where to get started? You can use employee spotlights across every stage of the employee lifecycle:

Employer branding

Your people are your brand. Your employees, therefore, may be your most engaging influencers. Sharing video employee spotlights in your marketing channels can strengthen your company’s story, support your marketing programs, and turn followers into advocates and even potential job candidates.


In a competitive job market, showcasing why candidates should put your company at the top of their list can really make you stand out. Video employee spotlights paint a personal picture of the culture, company values, and day-to-day work experience for candidates that want to visualize their future there.


Likewise, you can build employee spotlights into your onboarding process. Instruct each new employee to record a short video introducing themselves, what role they’re performing, and a few fun facts. These spotlights are an engaging way for existing employees to learn more about new hires. And new hires can look back at videos of existing employees to get to know their colleagues.

Employee engagement

Instead of the typical press release or company-wide email, consider leveraging video to highlight your DEI initiatives. You can feature members of ERGs sharing what projects they’re working on and why they’re passionate about them. You can also give employees the stage during Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and more. Not only do these initiatives help you tell your diversity story more authentically, they also make employees feel more engaged and connected with their peers.


Delivering praise one on one or even more publicly in an all-hands meeting is certainly rewarding for the employee. But you can take that recognition a step further by recording a short video message your employee can look back on. Taking a few extra minutes to go above and beyond the standard shoutout can yield higher employee happiness and ultimately retention.

Amplifying diverse perspectives

Your employees have fantastic stories to share about your company and their experiences working there. Video employee spotlights are the ideal way to share these authentic, personal stories.

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